"If you are looking for someone to help you step up your game, realize your potential, and bring out your inner lion, Dr. Terri Marks will help you open yourself to endless possibilities! Worked for me! Thanks Terri, I truly enjoyed our sessions."

~Debbie Thompson~

Manager, Risk and Insurance


Coaching Professional Women to Achieve

Leadership Excellence and get Promoted

Dr. Terri Marks

Terri Marks, Leadership Coach

High-achieving leaders succeed from the inside-out because the inside-out approach meets the high demands that companies place on their leaders. As your Professional Leadership Coach, I will help you improve your leadership effectiveness so that you can meet these demands, and elevate your level of impact and your income. Our coaching partnership will open you up to new levels of performance and creativity that you can leverage to excel in your career.  We will face your challenges head-on so that you can overcome them with confidence and agility.

Advance to the new level of leadership you want and deserve.

Isn't it about time all your hard work and effort paid off?


You're excellent at what you do because you take on a high degree personal responsibility for your work. You're ambitious and driven to get results.

But your hard work hasn't translated into the recognition, fulfillment, and success, you know you deserve. And that's left you feeling frustrated, undervalued, and frankly, underpaid.

You bring important technical skills and strengths to the table. And you always take on more responsibility and your share of the work.  

So why are you stuck in your current role? Why aren't you advancing? You're working hard and doing all the right things...or are you?

Maybe it's not about working harder. Maybe it's not about that at all...and that's great, because you couldn't work any harder without burning out.

This is Your Pivotal Moment...

It's time to get intentional...purposeful about the next phase of your career journey. 

Because, being stuck in your career is exhausting. You know  you're ready for the next level of leadership and you're certainly ready for the next level of income.

You're just unsure of what your next steps are. This is where I can help...

High-performing women take BOLD action.

"I had the privilege of working with Terri as my coach. She helped me see my passion, define my purpose, and take specific action accordingly. I highly recommend Terri to take you to the next level! Terri is a gem!!!"

~Karen Choi~

Confidence Coach

High-Impact Leadership Coaching

Create forward momentum to achieve your highest potential

 Strengths & Values Integration

A coaching foundation built on your inherent strengths and core values.


Specialist coaching for ambitious  women who want leadership roles, and the respect and recognition they deserve.

Brain-based Leadership Approach

Brain-based coaching approach grounded in neuroscience and EQ.

What you need is the support, structure, and accountability to achieve your goals. Let's get started...


"Terri is a thoughtful listener, and finds just the right moment to add her words of guidance ....If you are looking to become a more effective leader, or you are thinking of taking on more leadership in your work, Terri would provide you with the perfect coaching!"

~Flavia Ferrero~

Professional Teacher

High-Impact Leadership Coaching is for you if:


You're an ambitious woman who is ready to leverage her successes, and move confidently and purposefully into a new leadership role.


 You're dedicated to your current role, but starting to feel overworked, overlooked, and underpaid.


 You've applied for new leadership positions several times, but weren't successful and don't know why. And now you are feeling stuck.


You know that something has to shift in your career, but are struggling to find the time, energy, and focus to make that happen. And your long-term career goals are suffering.


You KNOW you can do better. You just haven't found the "secret sauce" yet to get there.

You are absolutely committed to do what it takes to reach your career potential AND ready to receive the much-deserved recognition that comes along with it.


Now is the time to feel satisfied AND successful in your career...

"As a communicator, Terri uses thoughtful questioning and deep listening to initiate self-reflection and growth in her clients....Her own sense of vision powerfully translates into a coaching practice which directly motivates her clients to see themselves as leaders with choice, curiosity, and capability to achieve their goals."

~Kimberley Acres~

Learning Strategist and Parent Coach

So are you ready to play BIG?


Because I can't wait to work with you! Let's shape your leadership agenda together!

Here are the next steps...

STEP   1

Book a complimentary 30-minute session here. In this first powerful conversation, we'll get down to the essence of your leadership goals and the career you want to create, and see if we're a good fit.


Shortly after booking your complimentary session, you'll receive instructions on how to prepare for our call. Nothing too difficult, just some preparation to maximize our time.

STEP   3

On the call, we'll design our coaching relationship and help you make your final decision to move forward. You're signed up when we agree to work together and you've made your payment. And that's all you need to do to get started.



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