Hi, I'm Dr. Terri Marks

I coach professional women to break through that corporate glass ceiling.

Many of us women grow to adulthood without all the tools and resources in place to live authentic, empowered, and meaningful lives. This was certainly the case for me. I grew up in a very poor part of Toronto, Canada where I lived with my divorced aunt. She had to scrape by to feed the four of us children on one salary. My aunt did her best to love us, but her main focus was always on making ends meet not necessarily on equipping us with the means to become whole individuals. Over the years, I learned to take care of and love myself by traveling, self-exploration, formal education, and therapy. This journey has not been easy, but it certainly has been worth it.

And of course, the journey of self-discovery is never over. Around 2008, I began a master’s program in leadership as a way of transitioning out of the teaching profession. In my studies, I came across a book called Quiet Leadership. In the book, the author, David Rock, outlined his brain-based approach to coaching. This book transformed my thinking about leadership, how the brain functions, and personal and professional development. It also changed my life—after reading this book in depth, several times and taking the brain-based coach training, I was ready to take the leap and start my coaching career….

Or so I thought. It would actually take several more years of formal education before feeling confident enough to leave teaching and become a professional leadership coach. And I'm proud to say, that I am the first individual in my family to receive a doctorate degree. 


As a leader and an educator, I know what it's like to share a vision, set goals, and influence and develop others. I also know there's a difference between managing and leading. Leading and taking your career to the next level, isn't just about learning new skills, it's also about doing the inner work. Although my journey is different from yours, I too, had to do the inner work. I had to break through that glass ceiling--the one in my mind. After 20 years as an educator, I knew I was ready for a new challenge, but I was scared. Thankfully, it only took working with my first client AND seeing the results, to realize that I'd absolutely made the right choice to become a coach. I had broken through...

I specialize in coaching professional women because I want more of us to break through. I know our unique perspective and voice only adds value to the way our organizations function--more women leaders could revolutionize the way business is done!


My credentials in Organizational Development and Organizational Leadership, offer a fresh perspective and insight into leadership development that other coaches will not have. To our sessions, I'll bring my open heart, my keen ear, and a proven approach to help you get the results you're looking for. I can't wait to work with you! Let's get started!



Ph.D. in Organization Development

Benedictine University

Masters in Organizational Leadership

University of Denver

Bachelor of Arts in Education

University of Toronto


Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology 

University of Toronto


Adler Coaching Certificate

Adler School of Professional Coaching

Brain-Based Coaching Certificate

Results Coaching Systems


Certificate in Dispute Resolution

York University School of Continuing Studies

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