How small, but important choices can turn your life around & help you achieve your goals

It is estimated that the average adult makes 35 000 conscious decisions per day. In fact, researchers at Cornell University estimate that we make about 226.7 decisions each day just on food alone. Should I have a regular coffee or a latte? Maybe I should walk the dog first, then make dinner? And like it or not, the more responsibility you have, the more decisions you have to make. Each decision, of course, carries consequences and these consequences can be good or bad depending on the situation and the person making the decision. So the fact is we make a multitude of decisions each day. But which ones are important?

When it comes to achieving our goals, it turns out that the small decisions we make can have just as great an impact as our big decisions. Big decisions like moving to a new house, deciding to have children, or deciding to retire have a huge impact on one’s life, without a doubt. People tend to spend a lot of time and effort in making these big decisions, and so they should. But the small everyday decisions are just as important even though not as much thought goes into them. For example, if a person has the goal of getting out of debt, he/she should consider whether buying their coffee (or latte) everyday (an important small decision) would have an impact on their goal. Similarly, if a person has the goal of losing weight, they would have to make the small, but important decision of eating healthy food and working out. The thing is that small decisions made towards our goals are important especially when made on a regular basis.

To deepen this thought further, let’s look at the meaning behind “regular basis.” Regular basis doesn’t mean every month, it means every day. Making effective decisions (a.k.a. good choices) with consistency is key to making positive change in our lives. When we make small decisions consistently, we form habits and forming good habits are fundamental to achieving our goals. We wouldn’t think of leaving the house without brushing our teeth or walking around outside without tying your laces. Brushing your teeth and tying your shoes are habits that we have formed since we were children—they are basically automatic. That is the way we must think in terms of achieving our goals—make the right choices as automatic as possible, thereby forming good habits, and do them consistently over time. Do this and you are virtually guaranteed to achieve your goals.

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