Are You Ready to Jump-Start Your Leadership Journey?
What is Leadership Coaching?
High impact leadership coaching is a powerful tool to help you leverage your unique strengths, values, and style. Through 1:1 conversations, honest observations, and straight-forward feedback, you’ll discover your leadership patterns, areas for growth, and we’ll work together to overcome any challenges you may face.
Between sessions you’ll do assignments and practice your new-found skills. This will reinforce the work we have done, sharpen your abilities, and move you to a higher level of leadership performance. The collaborative and supportive work we do together will increase your self-awareness, open you up to new opportunities, and enable you to take BOLD action to become RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME as you achieve your professional goals.
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Do You Have What it Takes to Get to the Next Level?

Have you ever... 

Come home from work, sat on the couch drinking wine and felt guilty instead of doing something about your career?


Caught yourself wishing for a new leadership position, but instead you stay in your current job because "the pay is okay" or "it's the devil you know?"


Wanted to apply for a leadership role, but are second guessing yourself or have no idea if your even ready to take the leap?


Applied for a leadership position, but have NO idea why you didn't get an interview?

If this is YOU,
It's Time to Take
The Leadership Readiness Assessment

By the end of this assessment, you'll have clarity and a specific plan to get you off the couch and into ACTION!

You'll leave with your own tailored Leadership Roadmap.

In about an hour!

Here's How it Works:

You'll take a 20-minute assessment PLUS sign up for  a 45-minute

1:1 debrief with Dr. Terri

And at the end of our time together,

You'll Know:

Why you keep rationalizing about staying in the same job.

Why you are struggling and second guessing yourself.

The first 3 steps in your Leadership Roadmap.

Plus tons of other insights based on your individual results.

15 Crucial Secrets to Landing Your Next Leadership Position