High Impact Leadership Coaching
For me Leadership Coaching is a co-created conversation between client and coach that facilitates change in the client, from an undesirable current state to a more preferable future state. For example, if a client is feeling stuck in an area of her life, we would have coaching conversations framed to increase her awareness, expand her choices, and help her develop trust in her essential self. These conversations would lead the client to take more effective actions, ultimately leading her to achieve her professional goals. All this happens within the context of a coaching relationship which is built on connection and trust.
The Coaching Process

My coaching process usually begins with a referral or with a potential client reaching out by email, chat, or phone. We then schedule a 30--minute complimentary meeting, in person or virtually, via Zoom. This meeting is an opportunity for you to learn about my services and to have your questions answered. It is also a chance for the both of us to determine if we are well-suited to work together and if my services meet your needs.


If we decide that we would like to work together, we would then schedule a 1.5--hour introductory coaching session. In this introductory session (held in person or via Zoom) we would dive deep into your core values, inherent strengths, and personal goals. At the end of the introductory session, we would essentially have your vision of your desired future and your time frame for achieving it.


After the introductory session, we then schedule follow-up coaching sessions. Through jointly-created conversations and using coaching tools and techniques, I help move you closer to your end result and vision. As your coach I am here for your success. I will help and guide you, but you are always firmly in the driver’s seat. At the end of each coaching session we decide which action steps will reinforce the work we have done during the session.


The number of follow-up sessions depends on your time frame and how frequently you would like to meet. For example, some clients choose to meet once per month for ten months, while others prefer to meet every two weeks for a shorter period of time. It all depends on your needs and how you prefer to work. These follow-up coaching sessions are usually done by phone and for your convenience all appointments can be booked online here.